Living on the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii gets its name for a reason. It is actually bigger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands. This allows for a unique and interesting feel, as you can set yourself up for traditional island living, or go inland enough and feel like you are living on the mainland. Plenty of single family homes, townhouse and condos are available on the Big Island (Hawaii Island) so whether you are looking to rent or buy you will be able to find something.

With comfortable year round weather, some of the most unique beaches in Hawaii, and wide open spaces, Big Island is second to none when it comes to amazing living experiences. Perhaps this is why so many people have chosen to make the Big Island of Hawaii their living destination.

The most appealing aspect of Big Island living is the price of Real Estate. No other place in Hawaii allows for the same price range as the Big Island does. When you are viewing single-family homes, townhouses and condo on the Big Island you feel like you are looking at properties on the mainland. This is because the prices for Real Estate properties on the Big Island are the most affordable in the state of Hawaii.

While it may feel like mainland prices, it definitely isn’t mainland living. You get the full feel of island living on the Big Island of Hawaii. Luscious and tropical greenery and amazing Pacific Ocean surf await you in this island paradise with mainland prices.

The Big Island has perhaps some of the most recognizable and unique destinations in the world. From the hikes and valleys to the black sand beaches, Big Island living is second to none when it comes to adventure and family friendly living.

One of the most well known attractions/destinations on the Big Island is Volcano National Park. Home to an always erupting volcano, it is definitely a must see if you chose to call the Big Island your home. Recognized around the world, living on the Big Island will allow you to gain access to this one of a kind national park almost anytime.

The Big Island is continually growing, both population wise and land mass wise, and it has become one of the more popular destinations for people moving to Hawaii. While the population is still much smaller than say Oahu, the fact of the matter is that the Big Island homes for sale has so much land available that it makes even a larger population look small.

Whether you are looking for a permanent home or a place to hang your hat for a spell, the Big Island is a great place to set up. Check it out today! Living on the Big Island is a truly rewarding and unforgettable experience.

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